Andrew Jackson Tips His Hat

Andrew Jackson, one of the worst people in history, tips his hat to the White House, which I think provides its own political commentary.

A bird did poop on Jackson’s head while I was drawing this, though.

Day 1:
8.13.14 White House 1

Day 2:
8.15.14 White House 2


May Sketchbook Highlights

Some sketchbook drawings from this past month:

5.11.14 Great Falls Sketch_0001

5.11.14 rock face by the river at great falls, MD

5.19.14 Graduation Sketch

5.19.14 the back of some kid’s family, grinnell commencement, grinnell IA

5.23.14 Bedroom Sketch

5.23.14 childhood bedroom, central IL

5.31.14 Sarah at the Orchard

5.31.14 portrait sketch of my housemate, sarah, at larriland farms, MD


More places to read my comics!

Hey y’all,

Since I haven’t gotten around to updating the very ugly wordpress default comic layout (I will soon I will soon), here are some other places you can keep up with my picture stories:

The Flexist
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My Tumblr
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Got some exciting stuff in the pipeline! That is, if you like cannibal rats and robots who are struggling with their mortality. But who doesn’t?